2010 eSynchro Age Group Championships

June 25-July 3
Tonawanda, New York

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**Meet Update - Posted 6/19** 

11-12 age Group
11-12 Solo Semifinal Results
11-12 Duet Semifinal Results
11-12 Trio Semifinal Results
11-12 Team Semifinal Results
11-12 Figure Results
11-12 Solo Semifinal REsults With Figures
11-12 Duet Semifinal REsults With Figures
11-12 Trio Semifinal REsults With Figures
11-12 Team Semifinal REsults With Figures
11-12 Final Results
13-15 age Group
13-15 Trio Semifinal Results
13-15 Duet semifinal results
13-15 Solo Semifinal results
13-15 Team Semifinal results
13-15 Figure Results
13-15 Semifinal Results With Figures
13-15 Final REsults
16-19 age Group

16-17 Solo Semifinal REsults
16-17 Duet Semifinal results
16-17 Trio Semifinal Results
16-17 Team Semifinal Results
16-19 Figures
16-19 Semifinal Results With Figures
16-17 Final Results
18-19 Solo Semifinal results
18-19 Duet Semifinal Results
18-19 Trio Semifinal results
18-19 Team SemiFinal Results
18-19 Final Results

Event Photography

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Aquettes Capture National Crown - Tonawanda News, July 6
America's Largest National Synchronized Swimming Competition - Buffalo News, July 3
Kirkland Teen Devotes Time to Art of Synchronized Swimming - Kirkland Reporter, June 29
Making a Unified Effort - The News Tribune, June 26
Aquettes Hit the Pool - The Tonawanda News, June 25
Mesler 'Synchs' in Challenge - The Tonawanda News, June 25
It Takes Her Breath Away - Ahwatukee Foothills News, June 24
In Synch Swimmers Take the Plunge in Tonawanda - Buffalo News, April 21
U.S. Synchronized Swimming Championships Come to Buffalo -  WGRZ.com, April 21 

Event ReleASES

World's Largest Synchro Meet Comes to Tonawanda  
11-12 Age Group Champions Crowned 
13-15 Age Group Champions Named in Tonawanda 
Age Group Championships Conclude in Tonawanda 



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