Day 3

Santa Clara Sets Record With 12th Sweep
May captures gold in solo, duet

The Santa Clara Aquamaids swept all three final events, claiming first and second in solo and duet and first in team on Saturday to win the club's 12th consecutive overall title and 11th consecutive team title at the 2003 U.S. National Synchronized Swimming Championships in East Meadow, NY.

Bill May of Santa Clara reclaimed gold in solo with a free routine score of 98.000 to give him a 96.667 composite score. Teammate Bianca VanderVelden took second with a composite of 92.250 after turning in a free routine score of 94.000. Belinda Schmid of Switzerland was an honorary second with a free routine performance of 95.000 and a total score of 92.667.

May and partner Kristina Lum retained their golden status in duet with a final score of 97.084. The pair defeated teammates Bianca VanderVelden and Sonja VanderVelden who scored a final composite of 94.001. The duet of Belinda Schmid and Magdalena Brunner of Switzerland as well as the duet of Carolina DeMoraes and Isabela DeMoraes of Brazil were honorary second with scores of 93.917 and 93.750 respectively.

Santa Clara's team routine was the hands-down favorite in the free routine final, earning a final composite mark of 96.334. Swimming for Santa Clara were Lidia Birukova, Janet Culp, Jennie Culp, Christina Jones, Kim McKinley, Alicia Rice, Bianca VanderVelden, and Sonja VanderVelden. Walnut Creek and Ohio State University finished a half of a point apart placing second and third with scores of 95.167 and 94.500.

Thursday's technical routine marks are weighted to 50 percent and combined with 50 percent of Friday's preliminary free routine to determine the eight finalists in each event. In the final, the 50 percent free prelim score is replaced with 50 percent of the final free routine score.

Solo Final
1, Bill May, Santa Clara, 96.667. 2H, Belinda Schmid, Switzerland, 92.667, 2, Bianca VanderVelden, Santa Clara, 92.250. 3, Victoria Bowden, Ohio State, 91.168. 4, Sonja VanderVelden, Santa Clara, 90.750. 5, Kim Probst, Walnut Creek, 90.168. 6, Christina Jones, Santa Clara, 90.167. 7, Barbara Nesbitt, Riverside, 89.001. 8, Becky Kim, Walnut Creek, 88.584, 9H, Aliya Karimova, Kazakhstan, 88.334.

Duet Final
1, Kristina Lum, Bill May, Santa Clara, 97.084, 2, Bianca VanderVelden, Sonja VanderVelden, Santa Clara, 94.001, 3H, Belinda Schmid, Magdalena Brunner, Switzerland, 93.917, 3H, Carolina DeMoraes, Isabela DeMoraes, Brazil, 93.750, 3, Janet Culp, Jennie Culp, Santa Clara, 92.918. 4, Suzanna Hyatt, Chelsea Luker, Ohio State, 91.168. 5T, Kim Probst, Annabelle Orme, Walnut Creek, 90.251. 5T. Kate Hooven, Becky Kim, Walnut Creek, 90.251, 7H, Arna Toktagan, Aliya Karimova, Kazakhstan, 89.417. 7, Victoria Bowen, Lindsey Newbill, Ohio State, 88.918, 8, Rachel Rife, Rebekah Rife, Walnut Creek, 88.668.

Team Final
1, Santa Clara A, 96.334 2, Walnut Creek A, 95.167. 3, Ohio State A, 94.500 4, Univ. of Alabama-Birmingham, 91.501. 5, Santa Clara B, 89.917. 6, Ohio State B, 89.250. 7, Riverside, 89.084. 8, Canisius College, 88.751.


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