Day 1

May First In Solo, Duet Tech
Santa Clara edges Walnut Creek in Team

Bill May took his first step toward regaining his solo national title topping teammate Bianca VanderVelden in the solo technical routine preliminaries on Thursday at the U.S. National Synchronized Swimming Championships in East Meadow, NY.

May scored a 95.333 to VanderVelden's 90.500 to take the lead. May is also looking to repeat in duet with partner Kristina Lum. The pair, who won last year's competition, scored a 96.000 topping VanderVelden and her sister, Sonja, who scored a 93.333.

Santa Clara's A routine edged Walnut Creek's A team by the slim margin of 95.167 to 94.333. Swimming for Santa Clara were Lidia Birukova, Janet Culp, Jennie Culp, Christina Jones, Kelly Knutson, Kim McKinley, Bianca VanderVelden, Sonja VanderVelden. Ohio State University finished a close third at 93.500.

Santa Clara is gunning for the club's 12th consecutive overall title and 11th consecutive team event title. More than 175 athletes from 25 clubs are on hand vying for national titles in the solo, duet and team events.

Competition continues Friday with solos free preliminaries at 11:15 a.m. followed by duets at 3:00 and teams at 6:30. The competition is hosted is hosted by Long Island Synchro in conjunction with the Long Island Sports Commission.

Solo Technical
1.Bill May, Santa Clara, 95.333, 2. Bianca VanderVelden, Santa Clara, 90.500, 3. Sonja VanderVelden, Santa Clara, 90.000, 4. Christina Jones, Santa Clara, 89.500, 5T. Victoria Bowen, Ohio State University, and Kim Probst, Walnut Creek, 89.167, 7. Becky Kim, Walnut Creek, 87.500, 8. Barbara Nesbitt, Riverside, 87.333.

Duet Technical
1, Kristina Lum, Bill May, Santa Clara, 96.000. 2, Bianca VanderVelden, Sonja VanderVelden, Santa Clara, 93.333. 3, Jenny Culp, Jennie Culp, Santa Clara, 92.167. 4, Suzanna Hyatt, Chelsea Luker, Ohio State University, 90.667. 5, Kate Hooven, Becky Kim, Walnut Creek, 89.667. 6, Kim Probst, Annebelle Orme, Walnut Creek, 89.333. 7, Rachel Rife, Rebekah Rife, Walnut Creek, 87667. 8, Christina Jones, Jessica McMahon, Santa Clara, 87.500.

Team Technical
1, Santa Clara A, 95.167. 2, Walnut Creek, 94.333. 3, Ohio State, 93.500. 4, U of Alabama-Birmingham, 89.833. 5, Santa Clara B, 89.000. 6T, Riverside and Canisius College, 87.667. 8, Ohio State B, 86.500


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