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2005 Esynchro Age Group Championships
June 23-July 1, Buffalo, New York

Draws Event Results
*12-13 Draw 12-13 Solo Semis
*14-15 Draw 12-13 Duet Semis
*16-17 Draw 12-13 Trio Semis
*18-19 Draw 12-13 Team Semis
*Draws subject to change 12-13 Figures
12-13 Finals (all)
Event Information and Forms 14-15 Trio Semis Trio Finalists
Final Meet Announcement 14-15 Team Semis Team Finalists
Final Meet Schedule 14-15 Solo Semis Solo Finalists
Age Groups Collegiate Seminar Info 14-15 Duet Semis Duet Finalists
Routine Critique and Clinic Registration 14-15 Figures
Form A 14-15 Trio Final
Forms B-F 14-15 Duet Final
Hotel Reservation Information 14-15 Solo Final
Pool Diagram 14-15 Team Final
Map 16-17 Trio Semis
Sightseeing Trip to Niagara Falls! 16-17 Duet Semis

16-17 Team Semis
*Videotapes are currently unavailable 18-19 Trio Semis
  16-17 Solo Semis
  18-19 Duet Semis
Releases 18-19 Team Semis
West Coast Battles “Home court” Advantage 18-19 Solo Semis
West Coast Floats the Lead 16-17 & 18-19 Figures [Draw]
Riverside Sweeps 12-13 Finals 16-19 Finalists
City of Buffalo Honors Official Synchronized Swimming Days 16-17 Trio Final
Buffalo Heads to Final Round 18-19 Trio Final
Santa Clara and Cincinnati Tie for First 16-17 Duet Final
Top Contenders Advance Finals 18-19 Duet Final
Santa Clara and Riverside Take Team Gold 16-17 Solo Final
  18-19 Solo Final
  16-17 Team Final
  18-19 Team Final


Event Media Coverage

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12-13 Age Group  
14-15 Age Group  
16-17 Age Group  
18-19 Age Group        


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