2003 Age Group Championships

2003 Age Group Championships
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Event Releases Event Results
Gainesville Hosts World's Largest Meet  
Aquanuts Lead 12-13 Prelims
Saturday, June 28
12-13 Duet Prelim
  12-13 Trio Prelim
Walnut Creek Continues 12-13 Lead
Sunday, June 29
12-13 Solo Prelim
  12-13 Team Prelim
  14-15 Team Prelim
Walnut Creek, Riverside Take 12-13 Finals
Monday, June 30
12-13 Final Figure Results
14-15 Trio Prelim
  12-13 Trio Final
  12-13 Duet Final
  12-13 Solo Final
  12-13 Team Final
Walnut Creek Rolling Again in 14-15
Tuesday, July 1
14-15 Solo Prelim
14-15 Duet Prelim
14-15 Final Figure Results
Split Decision in 14-15 Final, 16-17 Underway
Wednesday, July 2
16-17 Trio Prelim
16-17 Duet Prelim
14-15 Trio Final
14-15 Duet Final
14-15 Solo Final
14-15 Team Final
The Race to the Podium is On
Thursday, July 3
18-19 Solo Prelim
16-17 Solo Prelim
18-19 Trio Prelim
16-17 Team Prelim
Fireworks Erupt as the Race Heats Up
Friday, July 4
18-19 Duet Prelim
  18-19 Team Prelim
  16-17 & 18-19 Figures
16-17, 18-19 Finals End with a Bang
Saturday, July 5
16-17 Trio Final
  18-19 Trio Final
  16-17 Duet Final
  18-19 Duet Final
  16-17 Solo Final
  18-19 Solo Final
  16-17 Team Final
  18-19 Team Final
Event Media Coverage
Future Olympians could be in water - Gainesville Sun
GSOC hosts two events this summer - Gainesville Sun
Young team exceeds expectations - Indianapolis Star
Local duo competing at new synchro swim age level - Juneau Empire
Synchronized Swimmers Take Over Gainesville - www.wcjb.com
Athletes in synch - Gainesville Sun
In harmony - Gainesville Sun
Team Florida local flavor - Gainesville Sun
Indy Synchro takes home title - Gainesville Sun
Aqua Stars girls seek national title - The Arizona Republic

Swim trio definitely in synch - The Arizona Republic

Event Photos* (click for larger image)
So. Calif. Coralettes
N. Virginia Nereids
Santa Clara
Stillwater Synchro
Alpine Angelfish
Walnut Creek
Chester Co. Barracudas
Pirouettes of Texas
Walnut Creek Aquanuts
Columbus Coralinas
New Canaan Aquianas
Riverside Aquettes
Sacramento Synchro
Shooting Stars Synchro
Tonawanda Aquettes
Buffalo Swimkins
Los Angeles Synchro
Cincinnati Synchrogators
New Berlin Synquettes
San Diego Dolphins
Austin Angelfish
Coral Springs Aquacades
Juneau Aurora Knights
Team Orlando
Rocky Mtn. Splash
MAC Synchro
Tucson Synchro
Walnut Creek Aquanuts
Westfield Y Aquaducks
Synchro-Maids of Cent
Dade Co. Sharkettes
Indy Synchro
Keuka Kokanees
Long Island Synchro
New Hampshire Aquamarines
St. Paul Stars
Aquasprites of Wisconsin
Brecksville Blue Dolphins
Cerritos Synchronettes
Kansas City Terrafins
Southern Nevada Desert
Oswego Lakettes
Rochester Dolphins
Ann Arbor Aquarians
Richmond Dolpholinas
New York Arianas
Cincinnati Synchrogators
San Diego Dolphins
Suncoast Waterworks
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