2011 eSynchro Age Group Championships


Federal Way, WA
June 24-July 2, 2011

2011 Age Groups Pre-Meet Announcement
2011 Age Groups Final Meet Announcement
2011 Age Groups Final Schedule

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11-12 Solo Prelims
11-12 Duet Prelims
11-12 Trio Prelims
11-12 Team Prelims
11-12 Figure Results                           
11-12 Figure Rankings
11-12 Solo Prelims with Figures
11-12 Duet Prelims with Figures
11-12 Trio Prelims with Figures
11-12 Team Prelims with Figures

13-15 Solo Prelims
13-15 Duet Prelims
13-15 Trio Prelims
13-15 Team Prelims
13-15 Figures
13-15 Figure Rankings
13-15 Solo Prelim with Figures
13-15 Duet Prelims with Figures
13-15 Trio Prelims with Figures
13-15 Team Prelims with Figures

16-17 Solo Prelims
16-17 Duet Prelims
16-17 Trio Prelims
16-17 Team Prelims
16-17 Solo Prelims with Figures
16-17 Duet Prelims with Figures
16-17 Trio Prelims with Figures
16-17 Team Prelimswith Figures

16-19 Figures
16-19 Figures with Rankings

18-19 Solo Prelims
18-19 Duet Prelims
18-19 Trio Prelims
18-19 Team Prelims
18-19 Solo Prelims with Figures
18-19 Duet Prelims with Figures
18-19 Trio Prelims with Figures
18-19 Team Prelims with Figures

11-12 Solo Finals
11-12 Duet Finals
11-12 Trio Finals
11-12 Team Finals

13-15 Solo Finals
13-15 Duet Finals
13-15 Trio Finals
13-15 Team Finals

16-17 Solo Finals
16-17 Duet Finals
16-17 Trio Finals
16-17 Team Finals

18-19 Solo Finals
18-19 Duet Finals
18-19 Trio Finals
18-19 Team Finals

Understage & All Wet, Seattle Times
Synchronized Swimming Championships in Federal Way Photo Gallery, Seattle Times
World's Largest Synchro Swim Meet Coming to Federal Way, Federal Way Mirror

Age Group Champions Continue to be Crowned in Federal Way
World's Largest Age Group Synchro Meet Comes to Federal Way
World's Largest Synchro Meet Takes Over Federal Way
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